The blades at every angle of the container's design

Vitamix 5300 Vs Explorian
I suppose a magic bullet is the way to go if you want something incredibly little, but I love this enormous jug and use it to make almond milk and other things that require a larger container than my small smoothie. I am aware that I may get a smaller container in the future if necessary, but I do not require one at this time because I have no complaints. Yes, I periodically have to scrape things out with a spatula, like I did with the blendtec before, and that is straightforward. However, the blendtec left frozen pieces of fruit or ice in it, whereas the vitamix is quieter and more stable on the counter! I cannot imagine anyone being dissatisfied with this machine, especially at the price at Costco. However, if you have a pet, you should be mindful that pet hair tends to accumulate around that lip.
My Roomba, "Ruby," does a poor job of collecting debris along transition zones where carpet meets hardwood and vice versa. My flooring are Brazilian cherry, and I have a white-swirled black area rug. The 690 completed the transfer without incident. I'm uncertain as to whether or not the white swirls are beneficial. The carpet is nearly completely black. It occasionally enters spot cleaning mode, but it has never gotten stuck and has always cleaned the carpet. The Vitamix vortex is created by returning ingredients to the blades at every angle of the container's design. This expedites and improves the mixing process. Simply combine warm water and a drop of dish soap at the highest speed of your machine and wait sixty seconds for it to clean itself. Year after year, our powerful motors transform challenging components, such as frozen fruit, dense powder, and all of the greens, into smooth mixtures. Our laser-cut blades are designed to provide consistent, high-quality results from the first to the final blend and are resistant to dulling and bending.
The Pulse button offers rapid bursts of power, making it simple to create chunky textures for salsas, hearty soups, and more.I desired an update and selected the Vitamix 5300. Daily smoothie preparation led me to believe that the larger motor would be ideal. I include kale, spinach, and/or carrots in my smoothie. This blender does not mix the smoothie properly. The 64-ounce Low-Profile Container is perfect for family dinners and entertaining, and it fits comfortably under the majority of kitchen cabinets. We stand behind the quality of our equipment with comprehensive warranties that cover all components, labor, and two-way shipping at no additional cost for a period of seven years. The Pulse button offers rapid bursts of power, making it simple to create chunky textures for salsas, hearty soups, and more. Ainer fits under most overhead cabinets, allowing you to keep your Vitamix on the counter and ready for use.


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